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NOF Conference


ACT4 COnf.

Act4 Conference in North Charleston, SC in 2010 (screenshot from youtube video)

In 2007, Navigating Our Future expanded its mission to national in scope.


ACT 4 Conference, 2010

Whole systems thinkers from around the country convened at The Navy Yard at Noisette in North Charleston South Carolina. A few documents for review:

Civic Navigator

Civic Navigator helped communities visualize, quantify and qualify problems, strengths and opportunities using highly interactive online presentation products.


Sttones 21st Century Global Leadership Youth Education Conference

Conference Organizers:

  • Wall Street Without Walls
  • Sttones Global Leadership Academy
  • Navigating Our Future


25 collaborating educators from India, China, South Sudan and the U.S. meet to plan 21st Century Global Leadership Skills Training standards and practices, a technology platform and other shared resources for launching, in the 2014-2015 school year, a common 21st Century Global Leadership Skills Training program linking projects and experiential learning among six campuses.  The conference will also engage students from Stanford, UC Berkeley, Mills College, Beijing Normal University, and other schools to participate via video link during the conference, providing their input, representing youth’s points of view in our design and development work.


  • 21st Century Global Leadership Skills Provisional Academic Program Framework
  • Plan for Provisional Standards and Practices for 21st Century Global Leadership Skills Education
  • Multi-media presentation of conference highlights, including a full-length program, plus short clips on a variety of subjects suitable for web consumption through our social media channels


  1. The planned 2014-2015 self-sustaining leadership training programs will link more than 700 students on six campuses, provide multicultural experience to over 100 interns in leadership skills training, and create leadership skills training career tracks for 45 experienced teachers.
  2. The Sttones open collaborative platform—designed for globally distributed teams--enables multi-campus student project collaboration and offers its open source project tools to social and/or educational entrepreneurs everywhere.

The greatest impact long term will be annually updated standards, practices and guidelines for 21st century global leadership skills training that will serve as the basis for Sttones leadership training programs and be available on an open source basis to educators around the world.

Our Goal was to hold the conference in the 4th Quarter of 2013 but has been temporarily postponed.

NOF selected as Non-profit 501c3 for Sttones Global Leadership Academy

On August 31, 2014, Navigating Our Future signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sttones Global Leadership Academy, a Delaware-based, C Corp, soon-to-be a for profit social benefit “B” corporation, with a mission to promote the education and training of 21st Century community leaders worldwide, to serve as its non-profit, 501c3 organization. The terms of this agreement are:

  •  The missions of the two organizations are complementary and that collaboration, cooperation and communication between NOF and Sttones will benefit both parties.
  • In order to promote and support collaboration between the parties, Sttones intends to donate, and NOF intends to accept, equity in Sttones equal to 25% of the outstanding shares at the close of the Sttones current “Series A” fundraising campaign.
  • As an equity owner of Sttones, NOF will have the right to representation on the Sttones board of directors proportionate to NOF’s equity share in Sttones, and in any case, a minimum of one director on the Sttones board
  • NOF agrees to appoint at least one member to the Sttones board at the conclusion of the Series A financing.
  • As a shareholder in Sttones, NOF will receive a share of any profit or dividend distributions to shareholders in proportion to the shares held by NOF.
  • Any distributions received by NOF will be used solely for activities that are within the scope of the NOF mission and bylaws, and shall be directed by the board of trustees of NOF.
  • Both parties will make best efforts to collaborate and coordinate activities in such a manner as to build a strong and resilient global community.